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26 March 2017

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Executive Coaching

Redbeech personnel have over 10 years experience of coaching both businesses and individual executives to greater success across a wide range of industry sectors. During this time Redbeech has provided executive coaching to corporate organisations and over 40 SME’s in the UK and Europe.

A Redbeech whitepaper on the benefits of coaching can be downloaded by clicking here.

Using executive or business coaching reinforces the individuals learning from any given development programme. We know that coaching aids the prevention of the re-occurrence of old habits, practices while encouraging and supporting the necessary changes that releases personal potential and accelerates business success.

Business Growth Programmes

Executives and business owners often wrestle with market dynamics that mean they need to grow their business to maintain or increase profitability. Our Business Growth programmes provide insights and practical steps that can assist the growth of your business.

Leadership Development

Leadership is different to management. All leaders are not necessarily great managers, but the best leaders do possess good management skills. One skill-set does not automatically imply that the other will be present. Leadership is about having the ability to decide direction, the road or path ahead, knowing the next step and then taking others with you to it. Leadership development programmes from Redbeech are intended for business executives who realise they must be encouragers, facilitators and delegators of responsibility and authority whilst also being courageous and innovative at all times. Our programmes develop the core skills these individuals need to grow their success as business leaders.

Management Consultancy

Redbeech Limited personnel have a wealth of management experience ranging from functional to senior executive roles within corporate and Small to Medium Enterprises. Over the past number of years this experience has enabled our people to offer practical hands-on consultancy to fellow management professionals who want to resolve operational and strategic issues within their business quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

To achieve this our people work with clients to identify the root causes behind the symptoms being exhibited within a business that ‘appear’ to need to be resolved. Often the root causes are not obvious but once found and understood, can easily be remedied providing a lasting ‘fix’ for the business that facilities rapid progress. Our experience shows that whilst every business situation presents unique individual challenges, the underlying causes are often similar. This means that our clients benefit quickly from our knowledge and involvement so they achieve success faster than if they tried to resolve the issues themselves.

Further Assistance

Other services available from Redbeech Limited include:

      Sales and Marketing Consultancy
      Telecommunications Training
      Business Development

For further assistance on Redbeech development / coaching programmes for your business OR to discuss any of our other services please contact us.

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